The real story about Asian Escort in New Jersey.

Escort agency in New jersey

Two days before,one of escort agency call me for cooperation,this is not the first time i cooperate with escort agency,but it’s the first time i saw the escort girl belong to us.They’re young and one of them is hot.I’m the escort agency in New Jersey now.

Yesterday,I drive one of them to New Jersey and book the hotel for her.By the way,this is the first time i do the incall.I spend three hours to New Jersey and back to New York.As i teach the new escort agency.I spend 1 hour to edit my advertisement in back-page,I know the customer from back-page is not good,but we don’t have choice,we have to be responsible for our Asian Escort. I pick the picture for long time,those picture must similar to our Asian Escort and we can’t post their picture online for their secure and privacy.

I spend 1 hour to edit this advertisement,but i still feel it’s not good.I edit so much escort advertisement in back-page,i realize one thing if this business belong to me,i will be extremely strict to myself for all the details.Later,i will update more until i think it’s perfect.

I don’t know how back-page work good or not,i spend 73 dollars for advertisement,3 normal posting and 2 sponsor and we got 6 calls.Remember i told you guys the customer from back-page is not good.One customer rob our Asian escort after service.and those customer always think the price is too high.I have to claim one thing,price decide the escort’s quality and service. lower price always means ugly or something wrong.think about it,one day,one girl says 10 dollar for 1 hour, what do you think about this.

Actually,this goal is over my count and i will post more advertisement,it’s not only in back-page.i will share all the data with you guys and hope New escort agency have the way to go.I’m new escort agency in New Jersey right now and i don’t think I’m doing well,but i know there’s a lot of things i can do and i know it will work out.

I don’t earn enough money right now,but i see the chance and light and if you do the same thing as me,ask yourself is there anything you can do better.if so,do now or you have to quit this job.The best one may not be the smartest one,but must be the one who insist in the end.My WiFi broke actually and i use my phone’s hotpot to write this post and i really wanna do more better and i wasn’t do more jobs on it,just stay in front of computer and doing nothing.

I promise to myself: have to build the website for incall as Asian escort.