Where have biggest area for Asian escorts,talk about he escort in any park of the world.

where's biggest escort agency

Kolkata in India is one of biggest Asian escort area in the world,the girls in this city work as an Asian escort when they are child,there have almost 12000 girls who underage work on this job,the salary is around 2 dollars each day each people.< Born Into Brothels>:Calcutta’s Red Light Kids which get the Oscar-winning documentary. the photographer Souvid Datata is born in Mumbai,immigrate to England when he’s 8,he came to the most risk place to shoot,he said there’s a faction run a very big illegal system for Asian escort service.He decided to public this darkness corner to the world when he saw one little girl was taken away by a Middle-age male.

There’s some description about < Born Into Brothels>:Calcutta’s Red Light Kids,The sadness for life is not go through Ups and Down,it’s you find out your fate already doomed after you struggle hardly.

Born Into Brothels

There’s 8 kids for Born Into Brothels,If you’re interested on this documentary,take a look on that.I can’t say i understand how they feel,But if i were them,I don’t know .. Remember i talk about the Escort agency in ChongQing ,they force escort girl work long time and force control.To be a free escort girl,it’s OK,it’s just one job.But in that way,it’s totally different.You get beat when you make a mistake,even you don’t make but you still get slug.The money you earn,more 50% gone.How do you feel in that way? And when you underage.

There’s a lot of sadness story about those Asian escorts,they kicked out by their parents,police will rape them after arrest them,slug by refuse sex with customer who don’t wanna wear condom;neighborhood put the pig’s shit on them;police use cigarette end to burn Asian escort’s feet.Because they’re escort’s child,school isn’t welcome to them,even refuse to heal them in hospital.The picture is escort girl in Sonagachi.

where's biggest escort agency2

I probably gonna take a look on that movie,because I’m curious about how they thinking. You know,sometimes we don’t understand why some people doing so crazy things:after killing people,they cook their head. If you have nothing connective information. Except you think they’re crazy,you feel nothing.but I can understand at least more than you. For you,you scared the blood,don’t even talk about kill.

If his master is a killer,he learn the kill skill,after 10 years killing experience.how do they feel about kill. Probably nothing. Be an Asian escort when she’s a escort girl,maybe she will addict to it or 。。 forgive me,I can only have this mind on my head.

Environment will changed people’s acceptable things.like my girlfriend,she will cry and can’t move when she see a mouse,just like me to see a ghost,but for my father,he think this is nothing.